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There are quarrelsome situations where most often mobile shop owners have conflict with customers for writing confusing numbers in notebook for mobile recharge.It happens quite often & everywhere-in small cities, metros & even villages.

I have proposal for development of low cost digital hardware device with keyboard to enter data & numbers entered should be seen on Display, connect the device with PC to log data. From where to outsource body parts, display types & cost, connectivity protocol cost issues, keys & other important factors controlling cost of device.

Let us form a team. We need to have technically strong team.We do require micro controller & interfacing hardware. Which micro controller best suits the requirement…? As it is very simple application, easy to use cheap controller can be of use. We need to check if we need OPC application to read data entered.(I am not sure about OPC)…what is the minimum requirements of keys & display…? What about cost factor of body parts?What are cost & pricing parameters of communication protocols…? Should we use wireless data transfer protocols ? Let us work systematically…make table & chart for studying all relative data about parameters like keys cost, display cost, available body parts cost, various controller cost, OPC cost & finally cost of communication protocols.

If we keep in mind concept of manufacturing minimum quantities(as is vital for any sector), cost effective production strategies are very important here. But initially we can not take risk of producing in bulk.

Friends there are thousands & probably lacks of mobile recharge shops across country.This idea is really excellent & can opens doors of your learning journey to be very successful entrepreneur ! Work on it…mail me details…

Any inputs are appreciated.


I think you are referring to the prepaid sim market where users go to shops, and ask shop owners to recharge for low amounts. The conflict arises when the shop owner writes a different number in his notebook or keys in a wrong number into his mobile while doing a recharge for the customer . In the rarest of occasions, there would be some server problem as a result of which even if he keys in the correct number, the customer does not get his recharge on the spot, often leading to frustration.

Have you tried discussing this idea with a trusted shopowner, who can fill you in on the details of how they make their income via prepaid sim recharge ? They can shed more light on this topic, and any other pain points they face. Try talking to more than one person to get a better idea.

Coming to the low cost device, the kernel of your idea is the connectivity protocol to the telecom service provider network. i googled and found https://www.rechargemy.com/ which gives you a load of info on this topic.

An idea for a custom device to process recharge flies in the face of existing innovations like smartphone apps . The whole idea is to make the procedure seamless for the shopowner, the telecom company and the customer . By introducing a new hardware device into this situation, i think you would be making the system more complicated than it already is , but thats just my opinion.

Having said that there IS a huge market around payments and recharge in general, which is what BHIM, AIRTEL Payments, and PayTM and all the other mobile wallets are hotly contesting.

In order to fix the specific issue that manual error occuring as part of the interaction b/w customer and shopowner, i think a mobile application (pilot an android ) is a more sensible way to go about it.In fact, seems like its already been done.

Reading your other posts on startups forum , i sense you are keenly interested in building a business related to electronic equipment manufacture, and we can maybe take that discussion offline, i’d like to hear more about your vision before suggesting anything.

All the best!