How about you can bring street market on mobile?



Mumbai-based startup, HuLocal, is bringing the physical and online world together with the goodness of fashion.

HuLocal scans local markets to exclusively showcase the latest fashion vogues. We connect wardrobe needs with the right shops. What powers us, is a first-of-its-kind platform that understands users, shows the right products, and personalizes them as per location. We work to give users a better way to search and explore shopping like never before. With this thought in mind,

This is your path to discover fashion straight from your local street. Keep connected because this will be a beautiful journey together.


Looks interesting. What’s your website url? Pls keep us updated. :thumbsup:


You can download the app from

Also, you can get free products if you share the app with your friends and family.

Enjoy free stuff!

for any information contact us on: media■