How apply GST in my case


Good Evening…

I have a very new online seller account on (USA based)

Now a days GST reg. is mandatory for online selling goods.

I purchase item from China website and shipping item in USA. I pay for the item on china site and I told them to shipping in USA directly, where my eBay customer winning bids. China seller provide me free shipping for USA and I also provide free shipping on eBay buyer from USA.

In my case, I do not import items in India and never shipping items USA from India. I just tell to the seller (In China) to shipping item directly in USA. Means I pay on china site from my saving account and USA buyer pay me through PayPal (On eBay) which amount credit in my saving account in India. My roll in such trade as just like a Broker.

On china site, They do not provide me bill for purchase and on my eBay account invoice generated for each sell.

In my case, GST is applicable or not?

If yes, How can I handle it