How can i make a perfect start up team?


I have a founding member of a start up team ? Im currently trying to hire new people on board . What sort of people should i look for to make a perfect team


I think the best way is to understand your long time goal for your start up . And understanding who and how can your team help you achieve that goal .
As a HR manager myself i try to look for certain personality types and roles that these people can fill in . So as an early stage start up you need to understand that there 5 types of people you will definitely need.

1 - The Dreamer - The person with all the ideas and clear way to execute that
2- The Lead Generator - The person who will be making the sales funnel filled with potential leads and making the brand visible to potential clients
3 - The Closer - the person who is a master negotiator and who will close the potential leads
4 - The Product Expert - The person who knows the product inside out and knows how to improvise when something goes wrong
5 - Client Service - Person who can manage queries from clients and give the best service .

Here s a link to article Im referring to so that you can understand how to get there -


The perfect startup needs a complementary team. It needs a passionate and driven visionary who is the peoples person. It needs a capable execution skill. It needs people skill to make sure that the best people are recruited and retained, and so that conflict in the company is resolved. It needs administrative skill to make sure that as the company grows the wheels stay on. Nowdays there are n number of startups coming in India which are not only delivery some of the best projects but helping to boost the countries economy as well. When we speak about startups one company which I would like to mention about is gozoop, these guys have made it large from a small garage to a 200+ team. Not only this in this short span they have also managed to come in the list of top 100 best places to work with category. Really inspiring for the all young entrepreneurs.