How do I start a company while working for a company already


Dear All,

Presently I’m working for a company and looking forward to start my own start up within another 3 months.
I am not interested to resign my job atleast for a year from now on till my business comes steady.

Now I am on the process of registering my company as a partnership firm in order to get a PAN on my company name. Partners would be me and my wife. So I need to understand will there be any financial implications if I go for partnership registration as me and my wife both are currently employed?
Will our employer can find out about our startup through any means?

And also any suggestions to register a company as sole proprietorship or a partnership firm? Which will hold good?

My company is going to be a Engineering services of mechanical engineering.

Please suggest.



You will not like my suggestion. But please don’t burn your figures by putting yourself on two things. Either continue with job or leave it and start new business. It is too difficult. This from my experience.

Kind Regards,
Yogesh Thite
Startup Consultant


Hi Rajiv,
I understand your concern that you dont wish to risk the job unless you get stabilized into business. although there are no direct ways to attain this because in any case whether oyu go with Partnership, Propreitor or Pvt Ltd, comany once formed can be accessed in case your employer gets suspicion about. But if still your approach and willingness is there ot proceed, feel free to connect on contact■


Hi Mr. Rajiv,
I understand how you feel. Because when I started my company I was just 23. I’ll give you complete details of how and what to do in order to start your company whilst working for someone else. Just get in touch with me with what kind of company you want to start and we can discuss the rest.
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Mail me the details and give me a ring.

Antony Abhishek.


You should leave company and startup your company. Because when you work both, you can’t focus on something. You should focus for your start company.


It s possible. keep in touch with me. There is no hard and fast rules for everything. Exceptions are there …

Balasubramanyam, Startup mentor…

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Any startup ideas for me?. I have worked in the field of Java Web Application Development, Electronics and Process Industry. gautam.sakthi■