How fundable is your startup? Find out now!



Are you a Startup looking for funding? Would you like the investor perspective on your business without breaking the bank on consultancy fees? Are you unsure about which investors to approach, and how to approach them?

Fundraising is never an easy process – but it could be easier. This is where 21Dojo comes in.

After a quick 20-minute assessment, we’ll give you a detailed report on your startup’s fundability potential based on 21 factors important to investors. In addition to getting this investor perspective, you’ll get quick, individualised answers to questions like “Is my product good enough?” “What kind of co-founder do I need?” “How scalable is my idea?” “How do I market my product?” “How do I pitch effectively?” and many more to help you maximize investor interest and increase your likelihood of getting funded. What’s more - all of this is free.

For a fee, you’ll also receive a targeted list of interested investors, along with details on how to get in touch with each! Because we are in our beta stage, we’re offering massive introductory discounts to the first 100 startups that take the assessment.

What are you waiting for? Avoid expensive consultancy fees, take the Assessment and get funded!

Head to 21Dojo now!

P.S. We’re working on being functional across all devices, but for the moment please take the Assessment on a laptop or desktop.


Have any of you folks in this forum tried this above company?

The above post certainly looks like a promotional post. Any feedback is much appreciated.


Hi lightarcade,

I’d actually checked with the moderator before starting the topic, and his response was that as long as it offers free, community-building value, it would be ok. As a beta-stage smart advisory platform, we do just this. Our assessment as well as the recommendations for improvement are free and should help startups spearhead their own funding journeys without having to pay expensive consultancy fees. This was the main aim behind building our tool.

Apologies for the promotional feel of the post - I assure you the tool works and is intended to help the Indian startup ecosystem.


Thanks for the update. I will take a look at your services. Good luck with your offering.