How much did you invest in your startup initially?


My Name is Bharatwaj Rao . I am the CEO of
I am interested to know, how much each of the entrepreneur invested. No need to give a exact amount, Give a approx.
After 10 days, lets make a total and see whats the total amount invested. That would be interesting to see.

Let me start with my self, I invested Rs.60000 for my servers and etc. Website was self- designed.


I invested Rs. 40000 in development of my android app.


Thats a touchy subject not many people will venture to answer.
In my opinion the bare minimum cost for incorporating a venture as an Pvt Ltd or LLP , in a city like Bangalore (where i live) is
Paid Up Capital - 1 Lakh₹
Filing Fees - 25 to 30,000₹
Trademark of Company Name - 10,000 (if you have a unique name / logo/ brand u want to protect)
Office Rent - - 6500 to 10000 ₹per month per seat(variable depending on requirement)
CA Fees - 10000 to 15,000 ₹
Infrastructure Cost - (This is variable and depends on what kind of a startup it is. Mine is a creative agency com software development startup so it is about 2 - 3 lakh ₹ but u can rent a linux machine for about 1700 - 2000 ₹ per month.windows8 license cost is about 8000 ₹ i was told but i am not sure )


As you have said renting a server is 1700-2000 a month, Let me breakdown our cost.
Mine is Colo server, means I own the Server but its kept with a datacenter, If it was at my home, I needed no LPG to cook my food.
My Server Components costed me around 55000 rs.
As I am in the outer area of mumbai, Rent is not much in comparison, It costs me Rs.5000 per month.
data center doesn’t maintain my server for free, They charge 5000 per month.
I have 2 employees, one sales and one technical. I myself am a digital marketer.
Salary of them- You can imagine.
We are also filing everything which you said above.
Yeah renting a server is very easy but you won’t own anything in that, if the company from you rent becomes shut down today, you also close down. Thats why I own my servers, so that I don’t make my customers just go away or make them suffer because of something which wouldn’t be my fault.
I am not saying this to say that you are wrong, but don’t think every startup as a easy one. You don’t know what they are doing or whats happening in the backend.


i did not understand the LPG part :sweat_smile: but everything else sounds great.
Its nice to see you pioneering in a field like ISPs that is quite saturated .

Your point about Server Ownership is quite interesting for the general audience of entrepreneur’s like me.
I forgot to mention in early 2015 i took a VPS for about 2000/- a month and 40GB space from ZnetLive , but i was not lucky enough to get enough customer traction so it was a counter productive investment and i retired it after 3 months.
Now I have gone back to using cloud hosted PAAS offering like which gives me pretty reliable service to host my sandbox applications (upto 3 of them with each having separate technical stack and 1GB space).

For customers they will have to pay as per the pricing plan on an as needed basis.

Another colleague of mine uses Heroku.

If companies like yours can shift the center of gravity for cloud hosted applications to India and we can pay for PAAS hosting on similar lines as openshift, that would be so interesting.
All the best for your venture.


The LPG part was a indirect notation to the heat generation by the server, if I had kept it at my home, I would be making my food on them.
Yeah readymade solution’s are always best for companys who don’t want to waste their time in these things, but these things are the one’s which can save you a lot of money. Startups who use amazon instance can save a lot of money when they can get a VPS or a dedicated server at 1/2 the price and even hire a intern and pay him for 4-5 months.
Yeah my aim is to revolutionize India, I don’t own many servers as of now, but soon will. I will save a space for you on my server for sure :wink:


Note - i have updated my earlier post a couple of times to clarify a couple of statements

Hey @bharatwaj,
Super to see you have a grand vision for our country.
If only we had more visionary internet entrepreneurs like you.

One thing i must ask of you is to continue to articulate your unique value proposition on the corporate website effectively so that customers can understand more about what you are providing as a company.

All the best. Next time i can afford a VPS will catch up with you😀