How Much Does it Cost to Setup an Online Grocery Store?



With every business, from clothing to ordering food going online, buying groceries also had to move to the internet, right? Not a new concept anymore, buying grocery is relatively easier with an online Grocery store. The most common question asked is how much will launching an online grocery business cost?

The honest is that it can be a costly affair, if one isn’t aware about the ins & outs related to it.

There are three ways to setup a Grocery shop online:

  1. Hiring an in-house development team

  2. Hiring a freelancer

  3. Get Readymade and fully functional website

The first two options are going to cost you significantly. You won’t get a skilled developer in a tight budget. Moreover, you need to be technically proficient to keep a check on what needs to be done in the time you have.

Financially, hiring a freelancer is the same story. Moreover, you will need to perform a lot of to-and-fro communication with her to get things as per what you need.

The only easy option left is to get a readymade and fully functional website. No hassles, no technical knowledge required and a one-time payment. Once paid for, the website is yours for a lifetime.

Growcer is one such online grocery marketplace solution. It focuses on providing entrepreneurs, shoppers and sellers a comfortable UX and secure transactions.

Not only that, it is loaded with every possible feature required to boost your Grocery sales. There’s no need to apply any extra extensions or plugins to add more functionality or features. However, if you wish to add any specific feature, Growcer offers extensive customization offers.

An online Grocery store builder, Growcer comes in two variants, GoQuick (available at $999) and GoCustom ($4499).

The difference being, GoCustom package gives you specially designed and customized software according to your needs. You don’t have to pay anything extra for design customization which is a big plus.

To conclude, with options like ‘Growcer’, opening an online Grocery store has become way more budget friendly and time saving.