How much should an early stage startup CEO receive in salary?


How much should an early stage startup CEO receive in salary? What do you guys think?


If he is also a founder or co founder he should take as minimum as possible. I think 20K is enough for a month. Anyway he is going to get the fruit once the company grows.


If Possible Rs.1. Not even a single Rupee more than that :slight_smile:


Normally such a question will not merit an answer from a seasoned entrepreneur, but i guess most of us are still proving our abilities in the field, this is one of those questions!

Salary is an expectation that is part of a working class mindset.
In the increasingly corporate and commoditized times we live in no amount of money offered as remuneration for services seems to suffice, except that it must be on par (if not better) than what your compatriots are expecting.
While expecting a salary for your services is definitely a legitimate prospect that encourages one to work harder, constantly hyphenating the tangible services you offer as an entrepreneur (technical skills, managerial skills, networking skills) and the intangible qualities (selfbelief, experience, patience) with X amount of money is simply only workable in a job or employee mindset.
If you are unable to get out of that working class mindset , the solution to still scratch the entrepreneurial itch is to join an already existing startup as an employee, as opposed to launching your own startup and guestimating how much money you should be drawing.
In both instances (1) employee of a startup and (2) entrepreneur at a startup, you have to work very hard, put in the hours and engage with people of all kinds.
The problem many people have is with hard work, coz thats something in this world is being increasingly delegated to the lowest rung of the ladder , small wonder then that exits are happening from companies and disgruntled employees are starting up on their own, not for a salary , but for something greater than that.


20k to 25k he can take per month … at starting stage business will need more more money that time we have to adjust . then we can grow.