How to accelerate marketing and sales for tinggtongg


Hi ,
My startup’s website is handyman services.
Please can someone help me with ,how to increase my website traffic ,though I have tried several other ways of marketing like print , google ads and sms , in which google was better but still its expensive and ours is bootstrap. Please can someone share their experience and help me out with this.


Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I have checked your site and looks like you haven’t done any SEO so far. No Proper Title tags, meta tags.


Thanks Bhavin for your reply.
How much would it cost if we outsource it?
How much time would it take.


i can help you do onpage seo… send me pm if you are interested.


Hi Akash,
we can help you in SEO lets connect in private message.

Santosh Rai


Hi Akash,

I have gone through your website and I suggest you create regular content be it in terms of blogs or stories around your brand or services you provide.
It will help you drive traffic to your website and also help you in SEO.
The process is quite simple actually, the more consistently you create content the more search crawlers visit your website and index web pages.
We can help you create quality content and also help you strategize content marketing.

Hope this is helpful. Feel free to connect with me if you have any more questions.


Hi Akash

Kindly visit
It is a free platform for amplification of message over social media. You can leverage your existing network of people to create an impact on social media.
The platform has been used in the past to increase website traffic and app downloads as well.

You can go through some successful campaigns that are listed there.
If there are any queries you can reach out to me individually.

Try it, its free(as of now) and awesome.

Mohit Gupta


Backlinks… go to



Try to get in touch with the good seo provider, this days everybody says they do seo. But to be frank, they dont how to do SEO in legal way, in which google likes, they just use all spam methods to rank sites, which can hurt your site in long run.

As them to show there previous clients Live ranking dashboard with backend access. If they show you with all the proofs and methods they used. then they are the right people to go with.

Kindly do the research before giving any project to seo service providers.


SEO will suit you the best but make sure to do it the correct way!
one mistake and you are out…
dont buy any fiverr gig for links…those are spammy links and may harm your site’s overall rankings.


hang with various social media platform to gain more traffic to your site.