How to approach VCs for tech startups


How to approach VCs for tech startups?


Do you have a Pitch?


yes we do have a pitch


I can help you with that. Broadly it’s three phase process. Pre-VC pitch, Pitch to VC, Post Pitch. You need answer to these questions? Is your business ready for Fund raising? is your business ready to raise fund from VC? Do you have all details and answers to face investor? Are you ready to enter in agreement with terms and conditions of VC once you succeed get VC interest? Are you ready to consume VC fund and commit and deliver VC expectations over period of 1-3-5 years time frame? Reach out to me or +91-9886640292


Unless you’re bootstrapping it, you’re well aware that the fundraising process is frustrating, draining and stressful-yet when it, literally pays off, you’re on top of the world. To help you get to the “funded” stage, I’m sharing some key insights into how founders and CEOs can build successful relationships with venture capitalists.

Bishop said he gets around 1,000 pitches every year from startup founders who want scale venture partners to invest in their businesses. She and her partners meet with approximately 500 of those founders.