How to avail loan under CGTMSE


Can some one please explain me the procedure to avail loan for a start up under the government scheme CGTMSE :CREDIT GUARANTEE FUND SCHEME FOR MICRO AND SMALL ENTERPRISES ?


First of all you should freez this point 1- your idea traget. Service / Manufacturing if you are doing manufacture it will easy if service then you should have to take 3rd party guaranter. Two way to reach this fund A-SIDBI B-gvt bank like UBI PNB etc.
There will to many check point u have to cover all point.
2- your company should be recognised startup from DIPP


Hi Jayant,
I have availed a loan of rs.1.00 core from andhra bank under standupindia scheme. Your can google standupmitra and create a login and fill the details.

You have to first discuss with a bank and if they agree in principle with your proposal, you have to submit online application mentioning the interested bank and branch in which you want your loan proposal to be processed.

No collateral property is required under standupindia scheme but the minus point is that the upper limit for loan is 1.00 crore.

In case you need any further info, pls feel free to PM me.
Bipindeep Saluja,
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Hi Bipin - the standup india loan scheme on standupMitra website states that the loan is only for SC/ST entrepreneurs or companies in which 51% shareholding is held by a woman. That’s not my case ( Healthcare SaaS company based, majority held by me, male, not SC/ST). Is that dead end for me to make use of this scheme ? Any other scheme that you are aware of ?
Thank you, Pankaj


Hi Pankaj,
The major stake has to be held by a women entrepreneur or SC/ST. In my case, majpr shareholding is by a women entrepreneur.

You can look into union bank scheme for startup on startup website. Click the link on bank initiatives and go to union bank scheme. You should be eligible under union bank startup scheme where loan upper limit is 5 crores.

I also tried under that scheme but bankers in Hyderabad denied to fund as their risk was high without collateral. I’m cgtms, bank risk is marginally reduces as they in turn cover their 75% risk with a consortium of banks.

Hope the above information is helpful to you.

Bipindeep Saluja,
Premier esol technologies,


Indeed helpful. Thanks Bipin.


Hi Mr. Bipin Saluja,
We are also a start up company and trying to apply for loans under standup india scheme. but we are unable to complete the online form after 2nd page. can you please help us


Dear Mr.DSR Raju,

Greetings from Premier e-Sol Team !

I suggest that you discuss the proposal with your banker and if he approves your project in principal, then you fill online form as in online submission, you have to mention the bank name with branch where you are interested in availing the loan. Your online application will go through the portal to that bank only and they will give online approval if all information asked by them is in order.
In our case, our banker helped us to fill the online application as we also were new to the online submission portal. I suggest you co-ordinate with your banker and take their support. You willbe needing CMA data and business projections and way too many information ( differs from bank to bank ) to process online application.

Hope the above information helps !!

Bipindeep Saluja,
Premier e-Sol Technologies,
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Thank you very much Mr. Bipin. We will approach the bank.


My pleasure. Should you need any further information from my end, please feel free to contact me anytime and I will be happy to share the maximum possible information available with me.

All the best !!

Bipindeep Saluja,
Premier e-sol technologies,
Manufacturer of Solar & Electric Vehicles.


Thank you for the support Mr. Bipin. We will be in touch with you.


Thanks Mr. Bipin for explaining in detail


I want to know that is there any scheme for unemployed to startup


Hi Bipin,

First of all, great initiative to help fellow entrepreneurs in meeting their needs.

So does it really mean there is no fund availing opportunity for the startups without the option which is : The Major Stake has to be held by a women entrepreneur or SC/ST.

One such option is already mentioned which is about Union Bank Scheme. Do we have any other options under start up scheme which actually show some interest minus the rule of Major Stake by Women entrepreneur or SC/ST?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Bipin,
I am looking for seed funding for my Cafe. I have not been successful through CGTMSE, or Banks, or Seed/Angel investors.
Everyone said same thing, show us balance sheet for 2-3yrs.
Please advise as to how to avail loan/funding for my venture.



congrats for availing startup India loan but
in your case standup India loan its ok
bit startup india also will go same pipeline


To be honest, I didn’t think about the way it could influence me somehow. Of course, I faced loans because I had difficult circumstances but I know a site that will rescue me if I lose my money. I mean


@Red_Arrow can u pls elaborate it a bit


Hello Mr. Bipin first of all Happy new year to you and your family.
I am so glad after reading all your post that you go all the way in details to help others, so nice of you, thank you and hats off for you.
I started my company in 2015, without any loan and help, first two years was on and off with profit, thought this year my sales is 2.5Cr, and i am in branding of my product (manufacturing to sales finished product) so it needs a lot of funds to keep this company going. I need a loan for which i dont have anything as colletral. I am in organic pesticide.
Pls do reply.