How to bring more customers?


What are your strategies to bring more customers to promote your service/ product? Share your startegies.

Best way to promote startup company/product without spending on advertising?

If you have a website then the best thing would be to start Blogging/Vlogging!
Use Social Media, SEO, E-mail Marketing to drive traffic.
Basically you’ll be using your content/blogs to drive traffic. You can post them on Social Media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ etc and people go to your blog/content from Social Media. And doing SEO to them will enable you to come in Search Results on Google, so people will come to your website through that.


Make a solid marketing plan first.

  1. Use catchy Headlines.
  2. Use attractive Images.
  3. Be active on social media
  4. Reguralry post valuable content on your blog.


Content marketing can help you to get many more new customers. It is must.


Word of mouth is also a good way to market your business.


Hello Rajesh,

its a great question! No same strategy works for 2 different brand, one always needs to fine tune these strategies accordingly.

  1. First thing is first! Know your product/service well.
  2. Categories the % of the maximum Consumers of the service you provide.
  3. No matter if you provide service/product to all consumer, defining and dedicating your efforts to a category of specific consumer is a good way to have directions for your brands growth.
  4. Understand the cost, profits and the consumer behind it.
  5. Know where your specific consumer is readily or easy available and accessible.
  6. Then plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

Hope this brings you more clear picture.

Need strategy and advice on promoting a handy tool

First of all know your product and its target market. If you will not target right audience for any marketing activities will cost you a lot more.

There are many online and offline activities which can give you more traffic and leads. Initially go with paid marketing such as Google Adwrods & Affiliate marketing because once you enter in to the market, no one knows you so its best to work on branding and getting sales through adwords. Gradually go with other activities such as general SEO activities, mouth publicity, print media ads and all.

I hope this will help to bring customers. These are the general activities that you should do but it differs from type of business so share your business details to give more detailed plan.


you can go with SEO or SEM to promote your business/product. Its very important to promote your business in your local area. You can go with paid ads to spread your product within your locality.


Satisfying your customers is the most important & interesting job to influence them to buy from you. Customer Delights will also play a major role in bringing in more customers to the business. Customer delight happens when you surprise a customer by exceeding their expectations.

I found this good read online about 10 Things that could influence customers to buy from you in order to bring more customers & skyrocket your business! This could help you.

Everything is possible on a single platform - Zivro which allows you to create a dynamic online store so that you can always increase your customer base & keep them happy


Use the best practices with the help of SEO
Introduce your website to the social media groups.
Write blogs and content which will help the customers to understand your product.
Run various Ads to promote your brand.


If you want to use social media to do it, try Create snippets of your blog posts (with links) and set them on auto-posting mode. Then set up a lead capture form using on your blog, and convert subscribers using email newsletters.


Do content marketing,blog posting,display ads,introduce your website to various social networking sites,make use of SEO tools.


Hey @Rajesh

Most of the people have left their insights on marketing your service and product. I would also like to share my two cents on the same:

Always focus on creating a customer centric service. i will explain what that means, try to create a community of people as your followers with every product you sell, every customer you talk to and every move your brand strategy follows.


There are 7 Ways To Promote Your Service/Product For Free :

  1. Use 3 big local listings services [Ex. Google Places]
  2. Embrace Social Media [Ex. Facebook]
  3. Start a blog [Ex. on]
  4. Put up multimedia & sharing it on platform like YouTube
  5. Optimize your website for rank on Search Engines [Ex. Google, Bing]
  6. Press Releases [Ex. PRLog.org1]
  7. Join relevant online communities & contribute

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Social media advertising, following on-page SEO techniques, post quality and unique content, guest blogging and speed up your page load time.


use social media to promote your business…Hire SEO so that there is someone always tring to promote your business and is concern about the growth of your business…


If you want free service than you can start SEO and SMO for your business it’s one of best platforms to promote and getting traffic for business & If you need Paid services then you can choose PPC/CPC and also social media campaign etc.


Best method to bring more customers:

  1. Optimize your headline and content URL for the search engines. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find popular keywords.
  2. Make sure your site is Google friendly. …
  3. Focus on optimized content instead of link-building for long-term SEO success.
  4. Make your site as fast as possible.



For bringing more customers, you need to target the right audience. This plays major role while doing marketing is targeting the right audience. Currently I am doing a blogging for one of the website and contributes in marketing as well. This is the startup but showing amazing performance while doing marketing.
There main agenda works on targeting the right audience at right time. The website deals in sell your phone at best price.
Let’s discuss more about the marketing strategy.


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