How to build better Home Inspection Service in India?



We are building Home Inspection Services in India with name It is a new service which help property buyers at the time of Handover with prime focus over engineering support by generating a checklist of construction quality of flat. We really welcome the ideas of

  1. building this service in more better way
  2. marketing this idea to indian property buyers

This services is highly used in US and UK because of government norms. We believe the way indian property acts are being amended the buyer seek more support. So we are building the transparency into the system.

We really seek your serious suggestions.


How u plan to serve?
I think you need to buy or create a property website. Giving all related services including this one will help.


We have our current website in which we plan to offer 4 various inspection services:

  1. Carpet Area Measurement
  2. Macro Home Inspection (without equipment)
  3. Micro Inspection (with equipment)
  4. Industrial Inspection (as per building needs)

What exactly you mean by creating a property website? Are you talking about template of website ? Because property brokers business is bit similar but total different at operations level.


There are many concerns of a property buyer or atleast these should be his/her concern.

  1. Age & Residual life of structure & exteriors.
  2. Work to home distance & traffic
    …etc list could be 50, 60 points checklist
    If you go for specialised service, then your market base would be micro or elites or nische.
    But if you have more services like MagicBricks.c , your mentioned services, legal services including drafting agreements & assignment or sale or lease deeds, registration, property valuation, etc, your co & website will be much more broad based and useful.


Thanks it opened some new thoughts for us like distance from work and liaisoning services


I would say, focus on Service quality and customer satisfaction is key to success in the Home Inspection Business. My Startup Propcheckup (India’s first Home inspection startup) is successfully in this field only because of quality service and mouth publicity by our customer. You can visit our website for more information