How to build customer base in B2B businesses?



Hey guys! I am one of the co-founders of

We are a counselling portal to help make choose between different education opportunities. We are providing our services to multiple counselors in India. What suggestions would you guys have to enroll more customers from India and abroad?


Hi Piyush,

I was working in the same platform previously where we consult the student for taking an education opportunity in abroad.
To connect more counsellors in India we have a used tool called AeroLeads (which find B2B database) and which helped us to connect with counsellors who are based out of Bangalore.


Hello Piyush!

In Digital Era, is better to build technology platform for your offerings.
Because there are two ways of doing business in area you wish to focus. 1. Invest heavily to setup marketing offices and hire counselor 2. Build Digital platform and reach out and deliver service on pay per use Subscription basis.
We can help you design business model and build technology platform in phased manner.
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Ravi P. S.