How to come up with a Business Partnership Proposal with a Manufacturing Partner?



My business involves manufacturing finished product of Steel Cookwares and selling it to resellers. I have identified a cookware manufacturing team(already in business for X yrs) who agreed to partner with my team as I don’t have the resources required to make the finished product.

My team will have to source/handle - capital, branding, intellectual properties such as original designs, go to market strategy, marketing, sales and run the whole show.

The manufacturing team will source the raw materials, employees, skills, tools, equipment for manufacturing the final product.

As they are very much interested with the unique lineup of steel cookwares, they are even ready to open a separate vertical to handle the orders I get from the market. The manufacturing team is asking me to come up with Business Partnership proposal and a Business Plan for the business to start the operations.

What all I should cover in such a business proposal with my partner business? How do I go about it?


Hi @arunantony,

I can help you with a business plan, please inbox me the details.