How to create and customize Facebook Cover online with DesignCap



Do you want to design a unique and eye-catching image for your social media feature cover? Luckily, massive sites allow you to handle design programs and create perfect designs, from logos to covers and content in images for social networks. In this post, a useful tool is going to introduce to you.

This site bears the name of DesignCap. It has updated it to an all-one-stop graphic design tool. Before, it is exclusive in poster and flyer designing. So it becomes more comprehensive to meet your needs.

It has a straightforward editor but with many tools that will help you create impressive designs in just a few minutes, after creating “your work of art” you can download it to your PC, print it in different sizes or share it instantly on social networks where you participate. Without a doubt, when you try DesignCap you will enjoy your creation.

Designcap features.

To start your DesignCap adventure, the first thing you should do is to visualize the image editor, there you will see different options that are the following:

1 - Template: there you will find thousands of pre-designs that you can choose.

2 - graphic: in case you need icons and shape you can find many in this option for your designs.

3 - Photo: you can browse different categories to add images to your design

4 - Upload: this option allows you to upload your own image to work to the editor.

5 - Text: in this option, you can visualize all the fonts that you have available for your designs.

6- Background: in this last option you will find a great variety of backgrounds and colors for your creations.

How to create a poster or flyer in Designcap.

Once you have learned the customization editors mentioned above, you can start creating your design. For this you can tab a “Template,” from the “All” option, you can quickly find the theme of your design. After then, you just have to edit the text and the images that you will find in the template, remember that you can use your backgrounds or pictures/photos in your creation. Once the work is finished, you can download it, print it or share it on social networks.

DesignCap is very user-friendly. It is freemium, for more enjoyable features, you should subscribe to use.