How to effectively meet people to discuss ideas / find co founders



I am new here and I found this via a google search - I currently work as an investment banker and people in my profession are not exactly entrepreneurship oriented like me. Plus, I have a finance edu background so again I have more of a job-oriented network unlike say IITians

So here i struggle with 1) who to effectively discuss my ideas etc with? 2) how to find people who are entrepreneurship oriented and and wherein we can check the feasibility of mine or his/her ideas?

Its a big dilemma because I feel so stuck and irritated at times and unable to do something about it (sharing it here is a first step in a way) -

Lets discuss this! Rahul


@rp22. Sir, Share your startup idea gautam.sakthiâ–


It can be really hard to get in the same room as people who may think like you.

The best bet is to use forums like this, Facebook etc, try find local business minded people and discuss it from there. Thats what I tend to do as it seems quite rare for people to actually want to build something for themselves nowadays.