How to find Buyers for Software?


As traditional marketing is not useful in software industry. What should be the way to get clients in software industry?


What is your area for this software ? What is the traditional method that is not working for you?


Please share more details to understand your business. So as to provide you best possible solution.


Thats a good question.
Last month i chanced upon a mixergy interview where Roy Rubin, the chief architect and founder of Magento, one of the worlds most popular open-source CMS providers, explains how he started his business with investing a few bucks in Google Adwords.
The best way imo to get work is to showcase your original, qualitative and quantitative achievements on your website.
In the case of a startup the first priority is to get good at doing whatever it is you are doing , in whichever domain you specialize in.
In most cases, it is because of a mediocre standard of quality and a lack of domain expertise that many startup entrepreneur’s do not have the confidence to showcase their value addition in any particular domain.
Hence one cannot overstate the importance of becoming good at what you do , before you can seriously offer services on Google Adwords, or invest in advertising your services of any kind, and that takes a serious amount of effort and time, in my opinion, else you need to have an awesome team to back you , while you call the shots as a team manager (assuming as a CEO one is not particularly skililed in a domain).


See I am saying when I meet customer OR I get contact of customer, I know how to convince him to give order. But how I can find contact of customers who need softwares.

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Hi @Boostech38,

Well, you need to understand how Google Adwords will work for you, and then my above answer will be a bit clearer.
If you have a concrete software solution, that you are developing kindly share the details by PM and i can help you with it.
If you are a service provider like my startup , then its difficult coz the it services market is quite saturated , but still you can get projects thru networking and promoting your startup in different ways.
I got a web site customer by holding a Tshirt Sale and during the sale i was able to introduce myself as a webdeveloper to a customer who wanted a Tshirt. In turn the customer was satisfied with the developed website and he referred me for a school website project.


Hey @Ron ! I am the founder of . Recently I started studying Adwords more seriously and I was wondering what is the right limit to set for per click scenario in Google Adwords. Any thumb-rules to follow?

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Hey @shyamal890 welcome to startups forum . I must admit I’ve never envisaged such a scenario . Till now I have known only one client company personally who are heavily reliant on Google Adwords for lead generation . My suggestion to them was to try @socedo app for additional lead generation on social media , which also is pretty affordable I think .
I’ll get back to you if i find anything on your specific query …


I studied your website and found that it is alternative to project collaboration tools like trello, slack, gridle etc. And your most targeted audience would be B2B audiences like project manager, business owners, team leaders, CTO etc.

To run B2B campaign would be costlier as compare to other option. Here I recommend narrow-down your targeting by city / area to start with. Also focus on keyword targeting and go for exact or phrase match keywords (2-3 words atleast). Don’t go for broad match keywords to save money.

Pro tip: For your product, Linkedin paid marketing will help more but they charge very high as compare to Google adwords.


Thanks a lot for a researched and detailed reply. :+1: Pro tip

I find that indirect marketing would be an option to look at closely: content marketing. Will surely contact you once we are ready with the new feature we are working on currently.

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Obviously, content marketing is the key to success for any brand and here I published detailed checklist for the brand planning to start content marketing:

I am sure it will be helpful.


Well, although there are several digital marketing options, but email outreach can appear the most powerful and successful one. The rate of opening mails has reaches the highest milestone these days and email outreaching can be the best possible way as well.


Yes you are right Bulk SMS Service became an effective method for getting into tough with clients and customers too. Even we can use it many fields for connecting people.


But why Bulk Messaging ? Is not a Targetted Marketing Campaign a much better option ?
1 should be able to set up such a email / sms campaign on salesforce or zoho provided your chosen area of industry has a digital footprint, like education , healthcare, hitech etc.
Even if its a B2C campaign, i think Bulk Messaging is a bit like ambush marketing and there must be more ingenious ways of reaching the customer, than to invade their privacy at unearthly hours.
I am yet to meet a single individual anywhere in the world who wants to receive SMS messages without prior intimation of his / her needs.
What is your opinion @msgclub ?


Hi Ron, There are thousands of Marketing Techniques you can choose from.
As of my point of view Bulk SMS is cheapest and faster way to reach target our customer. 1 Beep and your MSG will be right to the Inbox of the person you wish to reach. I think people take interest or not that totally depends on how creatively you have detailed your SMS. Overall its just your choice which technique you want to go through. Right?


Yes a lot of brands use bulk messaging in the B2C space.(Dominos, LensKart, Multi-Brand Retail stores , OLA and so many more.
Personally i think there would be SMS blasting services that provide you the technology and operations, but not the target group. That to me is a decent option. The prerogative of finding the target audience rests with the customer and not the Bulk SMS provider.

The moot point i want to understand is by casting a wider net of cell phone users via bulk messaging are the results more promising than if one were to first pre-select who the target audience (via segmentation based on market research, historical data/metrics) and then use traditional (offline) means or as in your case modern marketing tools to achieve maximum reach /leads.


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It’s based on the industry you are developing the software. You can do email marketing and you can also try search engine marketing.