How to find investors near your area



Hi everyone.
Today I want to discuss about YouTesla, which is a kind of online startup accelerator, and which is also completely free.

YouTesla’s main feature, is basically the fact that you’re able to upload your startup project by filling this form [I’m a startup] (
Once you add your startup, it won’t be listed according the usual categories, like automotive, electronics, etc…But they will be listed on a user map, which allows you to get in touch with people which live closer to your area.

So, if you’re from Bangalore, for example…you’ll be eased to find someone from Bangalore, without having the need to travel, let’s say, to New Delhi, to find an investor.

Compared to other websites, in which you submit idea, and the websites’owners talk with investors for you, in YouTesla you will have the opportunity to go and talk with investors, giving you the maximum of flexibility for achieving your projects. Plus, it’s free, and simple to use.

We also have a dedicated forum here
in which you can discuss about any problem happening with it.
Let me know what you think !