How to Generate Leads



Hello Everyone,
I have started a new IT Company. Currently I am into the roles of Business development Executive. I am trying to genrate as many leads as possible. I want someone who can guide me or help me to get projects for IT company


Are you / your team looking for projects in India / Abroad ?
Also you need to have a robust digital presence(social media, website, ad words) to convince any customers, Indian or otherwise.
What is your technology expertise ? Try to integrate that factor into your advertising budget.
The market is quite saturated, so try to start with small projects, and / or heavy discounts to customers.
If you have some earlier proven expertise, try to productize your services, by creating products / product presentations that customers will likely want.
I have a potential customer in the education industry who asked for a project, in very quick time, but turned me down coz i quoted way more than they were willing to pay. I only quoted for the effort of development and the product was free.
So i suggest sometimes creating software apps in advance, (at least basic functionality) which you can later customize.
Try minimizing your costs (rental , infra, employee strength, etc) until your project leads get qualified better, coz that timeline is quite uncertain.
All the Best.


As a Business development executive, you have to communicate with the clients, always be confidence when communicating with the client and get prepared to get confident. Always use positive and pleasing words while approaching the clients. Though the client was not interested in taking the order complete the conversation with a smile and thank you, so that they can approach you when they need your service. If client was not technically strong, don’t use much technical words, try to explain them in they way they can understand better. Still if you need help, feel free to contact us.


I am also looking for leads. anybody suggest me best lead source websites.


Hi @pratik before sharing the gyan, understand First, that Business Development is NOT Sales. Second, being into IT filed and presuming in B2B profile - the lead gestation period will be longer.

Start with the metrics and share this with your superiors - Reach -> Leads -> Sales (no. of clients) -> Revenue. So as your superior / management is aware that you are putting in all the efforts - although actual sales might take some more time.

As a pre-cursor to above step, create a story around IT solutions offered by your company. For each new prospects, tweaked the usage and highlight the benefits. You need to highlight - how the implementation of your IT solutions results in Reduce Cost / Increase Margin or Better Customer Satisfaction.

Sales would happen. finally for the corporate success and to become great salesman - Always Sell Yourself and the Service or Product.


Try Upwork or


First of all you have to make a good network. Second thing is to go to your nearby friends or friends of friends or via references to the people or industries similar to the one you will want to pitch for your services. And tell them just to take a trail basis usage for month or two for free of cost. Ask them to make use of your service / product and collect a complete feedback from them about is it useful for them or not in that time.

This will help you in two way, first it will give you a good experience for convincing people, second you will get to know about some real data and real feedback about pros and cons. And also after all you will have some realistic experience that you can share during pitching to your next clients.


Hi Ron, Would like to take your guidance for my startup please. Could you please provide your email ID so that I can send the details of my Startup. Appreciate your help.


Hi Ron, Would like to take your guidance for my startup please. Could you please provide your email ID so that I can send the details of my Startup. Appreciate your help.


have dm’ed you my mail address.
general advice - refrain from multiple posts and publicly posting email / contact info.


Most of the businesses are struggling to keep a tab on all online mediums to find leads.
Online lead generation is easy as well as you can cover global area in reasonable time.
There are even some tools which can give you the leads you are interested in which will simplify your work. Tools to get leads regardless your functional domain are,



We have access to discoverorg, I can share you filtered data if you want. I support only to startups. Please PM Me.

I am not going to cost for this… I know what is startup pains… :slight_smile:


If you want to generate leads for your company, one of the really effective ways, in my opinion, is to work out of a coworking space.
Benefits of a coworking space are not at all over-rated. In a shared office space, you will find yourself working around a lot of ambitious and talented individuals belonging to a variety of fields and industries. Networking and mingling with these people will open the doors of opportunity for you.
A coworking space is going to be an excellent platform for you to generate more leads as you will find professionals and entrepreneurs here who are genuinely interested in the growth of their ventures and business.
You can easily find a coworking space in your city that fits your requirements and budget. This is definitely an option you must consider for the growth of your IT company.
Hope this helps!


First and foremost, You need to develop a good clientele. You need to focus on ways of getting the right clients that would be fruitful for your company. Instead of manually searching for them, you can always rely on lead generating software which extract all details as per the given search criteria and save a whole lot of time. If you don’t know of any such software, try using Boxxer Leads Extractor It is my personal favourite for the fact that it extracts all the information from google api so it is known for its accuracy. Thanks.


Hey Pratik, How are you?
This is the first and the most crucial step. Have you considered using lead generation softwares? They are very simple and quite accurate in finding you leads from your preferred area of industry.
I found this plugin called AeroLeads, they do the prospecting, lead generation and list building services work using their own core software, in-house tools and dedicated team and is used by some big companies like IBM, Gartner, TCS etc.
Do check it out, as it will help you alot down the road.
Let me know if you want to know more about it. All the best with your venture.