How to genrate leads for web development projects


Online lead generation is easy and cost effective way to get new leads. Online lead generation methods are,

  • Content Marketing

  • Customer referral

  • SEO, SEM and PPC

  • Cross Promotion

  • Social media

  • Direct Mailing

These are free medium you can go through which can be very complicated and tedious, instead you can go through some paid tools that provides you the leads and are also reliable such as,

These tools will help you to get enough leads you need and can help you to get quality leads.


are the projects still available ? we have exp team of php.A new startup offcourse


Can You share your email address and contact details?


Digital Marketing Is The Way To Get High Quality Leads For Web Development Project And Yes,
You Can Also Find Yours Leads On Freelancer & Fiverr.


Hey Khalid, Generating high quality leads is an essential step and the article mentioned will help you understand the process of generating high quality leads. Also there are tool mentioned which fits perfectly and solves your problem, check it out.

Lead Generation


Hi Kinchit,
Possible to get your contact detail for further discussion regarding leads for Web Application and other projects in Private sectors?
SP Chakrabortty
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Sir I’m also facing same problem, please do you have any project approach me .



#36 this my mail id!


Tips To Generate Leads For Web Development

  1. Create Cornerstone Content
    Cornerstone content pages are points of arrival for SEO that emphasis on center catchphrases.
  2. Frequently Publish Supplementary Content
    Posting constant blog entries that connect to your foundation content conveys web index specialist to your foundation content — and that implies more leads!
  3. Create a Social Media Strategy
    Next, extend the reach of your content by posting regularly on social media channels. Use these platforms to promote your content — both blog posts, and sometimes cornerstone content pages — and engage with others in your industry by sharing their content, too.
  4. Create Paid Campaign For Your Business
    5.Optimize Website For Conversion


Hi sir this Pavan i also start website marketing i generated the leads. And i given u bcoz I’m also startup if any question please call on my number 9701357081


Hi All,

We are also a startup looking for leads in software development and testing fields. please let me know if you have any projects to start with.



Tips to generate leads for web development projects

  1. Create Cornerstone Content
  2. Frequently Publish Supplementary Content
  3. Create a Social Media Strategy
  4. Use Paid Ads
    5.Optimize your Website for Conversions


Well said!
It is better be well positioned than pushing prospects in giving projects/order.
Right intro/positioning with portfolio/case studies/demo/testimonials help convert leads very quickly. Most Indian tech focused business fails to put this effort. Most founding team members lacks business skills, sales skill & copy writing skill to make this happen.

We have helped many promising businesses in business planning, copy/content writing requirements and strategic planning process. Visit to know more…


Hi Khalid,

Are your customers belongs to B2B Market Place? If yes, then there is nothing better then LinkedIn and AeroLeads, these tools are free and helps a user to find their prospects contact details with one click.