How to get clients for Document management system?



How to get clients for Document management system?
is there any specific proposal for this. please suggest me a good proposal to get the clients on document management system.

We developed very advanced document management system.

Can we target the hospitals, Industries, any other companies for document management system.


Hello @vjdprasad -

When it comes to acquisition of clients, I feel the proposal needs to be strong. Instead of building a proposal with what you do, I prefer to build a proposal with what clients want to know. Simple thing is to put yourself in the client shoes. Think about where they are lagging and how this service is of help to them. Perform a market research to show that your product has a good scope and it will improve the business quality of your clients. Let the data speak instead of words. That should help you acquire more and more clients.

My humble suggestion - Don’t have a generic proposal template. Take time to understand each and every client and build a proposal accordingly. And as you asked, you can target hospitals and schools at first.

For building quality proposals and performing market research activities you can always feel free to contact me.

Sreenivas, Lead Market Research Analyst, Gensis Scada Solutions Pvt Ltd


Okay sure thank you so much. If anything want to know I will contact you. :slight_smile:



Client server systems are programming bundles that are controlled on local, it increase business profitability and effectiveness, reduce costs.

Not surety but Electronic document management system, a client-server product for document management. This item oversaw access to unstructured.