How to get funding for your startup - Basic Guidance



I was in Delhi sometime back and had a discussion with many startup founder.
Now you may think what’s new in that.

Surprisingly all the entrepreneurs are having great business ideas with convincing traction and still they are struggling to get funds.

Despite of having all things in place, If these founders are struggling then what about others.

So here is my basic advice to all #wannapreneurs.

1- Please practically validate your business idea.
2- Develop innovative, different and sustainable business model based on market potential.
3- Have a good co-founder and team
4- Generate some business traction.
5- Again rework on idea and model.
6- Analyze project in terms scalability, sustainability, profitability.
7- Prepare Meticulous plan and deck.
8- And then pitch for funding.
9- Be passionate about startup.

I don’t know by doing this you will get funds or not but for sure the probability of getting funds will increase.

Yogesh Thite
Startup Mentor


Absolutely right well explained funding process. Thank you so much. Kindly review our startup


Sure, I will review your startup.