How to get new idea?


I think it is the major problem for programmers and entrepreneur to find a new idea for there next app or a project.


Analyze the real life problems, try to bring solution out of such problems


I don’t agree. I get 10 - 15 ideas daily and I think this happens with most of the other entrepreneurs also.

The main thing is deciding on which idea we should work. And everything is depends on how well we execute our idea.


Following are some of the ways to get ideas:

  1. Think about what are the problems you are facing every day and solve that problem with an idea.
  2. Go toAngellist,Producthunt, Betalist to discover unique startup.Like any ideas over there?Just copy the idea and launch it with a differentiation, sometimes it is ok to copy whole business model itself.
  3. Look out for failed startups and find out how you can launch those ideas successfully and go for it.

Hope it helps