How to improve conversions through cold calls?



Hey Everyone,
I am new to this forum and i m working as a Manager at Billiontags.

At times i make cold calls but the conversion rate is low… How to pique interest in them?

Any Business developers out here to give a headstart?


Hi my name is mahavir and i am the founder of ( launching soon)
managing director of J.B.Shah and Co. we are into online selling of various health care products.

it is said that we don’t have to convince buyers we have to help them in buying.

Cold calling is an art. A lot of passion is needed in doing so. i am sure if you give your hundered percent and follow the above rule you shall succeed.

Cheers and wish you all the best.


Cold calling is a science. so in need to understand it it better you need to practice it. Search SPIN techniques on line, And if you need more details you can PM me.


Hi Amirtha,

It all starts with how you understand your clients requirement. Do a small research about your client company and contact person. Understand the interest of the client manager and prepare your presentation accordingly. It should always start and end with a positive note. Narration about your products should always be like telling short and simple story to young children so that it can be easily remembered. Again it is all about needs and wants. If you can convert their needs into wants your job is done.

Aswin Sudheer


Cold calling is one of the best ways to gets leads for the business, as through cold calling we can market a product/service directly to the customers. The staff handling the cold calling should be able to convince the customer depending upon their mindset.