How to increase sale for e-commerce for crafts products?



We are seeking for idea and suggestion from my experienced seniors in startup business, your guidance and ideas for increasing the online sale will help us to grow more, so feel free to contact us ,if anyone want to be part of this as investor/partner/work opportunity. All are welcomed. we have mentality to grow and help others to grow together.

Below is little brief of my company
Weaving Art and Digital Worlds Into the Cultural Fabric

Welcome to GoRusticx – Your portal to a world of exclusive handmade goods and products, made by skillful artists and craftsmen from all across India. From age-old traditional Indian wooden artefacts, sourced from their very origins to exquisitely painted wall arts; we have created one of the largest, most diverse and organised network of artisans and product suppliers who deliver quality grade, genuine products that are made in India. India is the largest democracy in the world with the most diverse cultures, traditions and arts, which are slowly becoming oblivious to us all in this fast paced technological era. In our quest to revive and rejuvenate the age old Indian arts, culture and craftsmanship, we established GoRusitcx; A universal platform to create, produce and source artisanal, eco-friendly and traditional goods and products that have been part of our ever shifting cultural dynamic. We have also partnered with several NGOs and provided them access to our platform to source their products for sale through our portal.

GoRusticx is your one-stop-shop to purchase anything and everything that’s handcrafted in India. With a wide network of resources that spans across India, GoRusticx is designed keeping in mind the new shopping capital for the socially conscious consumer. GoRusticx showcases genuine, reliable products made by some of the most talented regional artists from the remotest corners of India. Join us as we try to bring back the ancient arts, recuperate the dying regional cultures and provide gainful employment for the needy with this initiative.

Come, live the Eco Friendly Lifestyle with us!

Here is the my startup company details

Gorusticx India Pvt. Ltd.
#29, 5th Cross Road,
35th Main Road, KAS Officer’s Colony,
Silk Board Junction, Bangalore - 560068
Karnataka, India