How to increase sell for handmade/craft gift products in indian market online?




Company Doodlefy
As most of us gift to someone on occasionally.Our start-up is to help people to choose handmade and personalize gifts from a wide range of categories.As this is mainly handmade gifts business, we are less noticed from rest of the people.Can any one suggest me how to increase visibility of our e-com biz so that sell can be increased.


i am not really an expert but i would like to offer my two cents. there are a few things that i would suggest and they are as follows-

  1. you could go for an approach whereby you guys expand through your current customer base. at this stage you will have to take some expenses for this but it very well might be worth it. you can offer great deals, extra items, fast delivery, etc. to your buyers so they can spread the message of your services to their friends and family, seeing as gifting options are shared in our society.
  2. get your name out and about using facebook, pinterest, instagram because the social interactions for an advertiser is really tailored there.
  3. your website seems to be fine but some artistic work on the blue upper part would really help.
  4. offer something like express deliveries in certain cities, because gifting is sometimes an express process and the upto 10 days of delivery time does not inspire confidence.
    5.take better and more professional pictures of your products( high resolution and from various angles)
  5. especially at gifting seasons, send out fliers in some cities and localities with deals and other such special items for the season, because that is your peak time in the year for sales.
  6. communicate the safety of the transaction on the front page because that inspires confidence.
  7. go to trade shows and expos like that where you can really advertise your business and interact with potential customers. even if you don’t have a stall just send out fliers and other such material.
    9.incorporate business gifting if you can into your services because it can be a game changer for you. singular orders are great but they are singular orders. companies and individuals want to gift, to a lot of people especially during the Indian gifting seasons. they might prefer your product if you play your cards right because you can have special delivery advantages like custom packaging, boxes and maybe discount on bulk buying compared to say flipkart because there is no other option available to these companies right now and they lack the personal touch . handicrafts are great but they do not have the value for you as much as off the shelf corporate products.
  • i know this is a lot more than what you asked for but, this is all of my two cents*


Thanks Siddharth for your feedbck. :slight_smile:


Here are few more marketing strategies for your online gift business.

  1. Try to promote your website in festive seasons. Create ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram in festive seasons and offer faster delivery times and great offers.

  2. Research your competitor websites find their marketing strategies. Try to apply some of their marketing strategies in your business.

  3. Content Marketing


Looks like you have created your storefront using Zepo - functionally its quite good, aesthetically needs significant improvement.

The suggestions given above are quite good to develop your own storefront’s visibility. But if you want to generate sales quickly - the best way is to use the established e-Com platforms such as Amazon - Flipkart and Ebay. Join them as a seller and link your site/storefront… that way you get very high exposure quickly !


i agree. its a really good idea to join amazon as a seller and then when your name is out there you can just direct the traffic to your website to earn more on your sales. although this might not be an option for you if you are aggregating products from various sellers, like flipkart and amazon do that would make you lose way too much of the pie.



The idea is just great. Only if you had chosen a better platform to implement this idea, it would have definitely seen substantial success with much easier efforts.

I’m bit biased over here. ZIVRO would be the platform for creating this amazing website.
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  3. With its lead capture management system, you get quick notification whenever you hit a sale.

  4. Accessibility frustration is totally take care of. Your website looks and feels good on any customer’s device.

  5. Whenever there is a special occasion or you want to give a makeover to your site, you just have to choose another template of your choice from plenty out there and entire look of your website changes seamlessly. You can be trendy.

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