How to penetrate govt. schemes finding professional person



Today lots of schemes for startup or MSME but on ground level is it possible to get benefits?
_we are recognized startup msme and want to benefit from gov schemes _ manufacturing unit.


Absolutely yes. MSME Scheme benefits are very much available and can be made use of by the Emerging Startups of India. Some of the benefits that may be enlisted are:
a. Easy sanction of bank loans
b. Tax Subsidies
c. Exemptions under Direct Tax Laws
d. Capital Investment Subsidies
e. Ease of Trademark and Patent Registrations

However, availing of these schemes varies from business to business.
We could help you avail schemes based on your business model, as we have a team of Chartered accountants and Lawyers who expertise in these areas.

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I really know about all these type schemes and want to benefits my startup company, I will further contact you.


This is not a problem at all. Could you please tell me from which part of India are you from?


I m frm VAranasi , Uttar Pradesh


Yes Sir. You can reach us by mail. We would be pleased to help you.
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