How to Pitch your startup to a VC



Dear all budding startups,


I am Shibam Sarbswa, Founder, We are a marketplace for internet business services.

While connecting to an investor & understanding how to close the deal, I came across various videos & Blogs, but this is the one which helped me a lot in raising funds for the two startups I am adviser too.

Have posted it on my personal blog with URL :

This one is explained by Dave, Founder 500 Startups & is very helpful.

It explains which all 10 slides should be their in the Pitch Deck, Along with a Teasure slide with is really new to us.
Also it explains why the Testimonials of users makes a deep impact on investors decision making.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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Here is the slideshow.

How to Pitch a VC Redesigned from Slides That Rock


Yea, thats it!!! Its very useful.