How to Promote a Game Company Startup?


How to Promote a Game Company Startup?
Me and my one friend created a Game Company and we are going to create games under our Company Name, So what are the effective way to Promote it.
Till Now we did’nt did 0RS investment all we got through our hardwork.
Is the Website of our Gaming Company!
And this is the
Our first Game Website which beta version has been released till now.
So Tell me the ways to promote it


Hello @thakurpraneet007 and welcome to startups forum, your one stop shop for entrepreneurial inspiration, insights, information and networking with other like minded individuals.

The Gaming market in India is pretty nascent in my opinion as companies with huge infrastructure and huger pockets are not seriously interested in it, primarily due to a lack of know-how, qualified professionals to spearhead the gaming industry in India, and a general malaise exhibited by a largely IT Services oriented marketplace towards stepping into the entertainment industry.

Being a gaming startup is a really cool deal though, and if you have a bunch of friends, a bit of money to last you a couple of years at least, id say you are well on your way to having a good experience both as a game lover, and a game developer.

Needless to say there is a ton of information out there, but the key is to identify areas of game development that you would like to carve a niche out for yourself, like Level Design, or Landscape Design , Character Design, (sub-component of Graphic Design) and for the serious and technically skilled and highly experienced game developer , you can get into game engine development.

If you can explain what your (and your friends) core skills are then its easy to begin a discussion on what kind of games you would enjoy making, how to promote it and eventually what kind of investments in terms of infrastructure, and team you would need to make, in order to sustain your gaming venture.

Its always good to be ambitious and pretend you wanna be the next BIG gaming startup in India, but on the pragmatic side, everything boils down to what you and your team love doing (genre wise) and if you are willing to start from scratch, coz thats the only way to make it BIG.

There are also certain niche areas of gaming one would find it difficult to get into like streaming online games, casino games because the former wont work due to the high cost of internet coupled with the slow speed :confused: and the latter wont work coz face it we are largely a conservative country and gambling online is not exactly a money spinner that can find a legitimate following without flying in the face of public perception.

Promoting your startup can be as easily as setting up your game blog, or approaching game review sites to do game reviews for your games.

At the end of the day the best form of promotion is to team up with likeminded individuals, have a bit of financial backing and build some cool game ideas from scratch. Be original , Be creative, start small and dream BIG.

At my startup i only handle ios games, so i do a bit of reviews on iOS games, but am seriously looking at developing offline strategy games for the indian market.

All the best.


You can use social medias for promoting your company. As you are basically a game providing company it will be easy to engage more users so that you can create traffic juice to your website.


Hi! I’m just a newbie here at Indian Forums. I am a gamer myself but not into funding. First thing, when it comes to marketing your product, as a gamer, you’ll look for something very interesting like “Is it a brand new genre?” “Is it Online or Offline?” “Can I play with my friends?” “Is it a fair game or is it Freemium? (Only players who pay gets stronger)” “How stable is the server?” “Do they have good customer service support?” “How fast do they react on technical issues?” “Can it be played on my phone/ in my country?”

There are many things players are looking for and it’s a plus if you include all facts instead of giving them false hope about the game. Specially when it comes to the gameplay. Many games use other game’s video just to promote the game and have it downloaded which makes detractors.
Hope it helps!



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