How to Promote an Elevator Website?


Hello guys,

We are manufacturer of all types of elevators, lifts & escalators and running a website ( ). I already know some of the way to promote like Goolge Adwards, SEO, Social media etc but, I want get a few suggestions that come from outside the box.

Please leave your suggestion.




Since you are a manufacturer, you seem to be more B2B than B2C. But in today’s age, WOM is very powerful not only offline but also online. So in order to market your business, you can make use of Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Content Marketing, and more. But it’s not just about what mediums you use, but how you use it.

Say for example Social Media such as Facebook. Just posting about your products or services is a waste of time; Not just yours, but also the people on it. People come to social media for timepass, for fun, for entertainment, or when they get bored. So when they come across a post with a product or service, they’ll just ignore it. In order to gain their attention, it must be quirky, it must be fun, it must be creative, because on Social Media only when you catch their attention will it help. Or else it’s useless.

So you have to come up with a few quirky or fun campaigns such as:

  1. 2 types of people - You can create a graphic with 1 on the left who favors lift and one on the right who favors stairs. Or one on the left who’s afraid of heights, and one on the right who’s claustrophobic (these will be related to your product as well).
  2. Movie references - Imagine a graphic illustration of a person going down an escalator and there’s a fiery pit at the bottom and the image has a burning title that says “Highway to Hell”.
  3. Puns - Play around with words like Ele-Waiter, A-Skull-Ater, etc
  4. Makeovers - Take one of your elevators and run a contest asking people to come up with an overlay or an inside makeover or art for the lift. You can team up with one of your clients if possible and the winner’s art will be featured on your client’s lift.

You can look into blogs as well with titles such as:
10 ways to get high in life (Obviously it’s not related to drugs or weed)
How to overcome fear of heights

This will all help create engagement on Social Media such as Likes, Shares, Comments, and this, in turn, will help in raising the awareness for your Business.

Once you’re getting traffic to your site, you can look into creating a landing page for business and run an ad targeting them. Or you can even target professionals on Facebook and gain leads for your business.

Honestly, there are a lot of things I can suggest but getting to know the marketing objectives and what you want to get out of it will help in creating a good marketing strategy.

If you’d like help with marketing then feel free to reach out to me by PM.
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Best option for this segment content marketing and join us blogger / influance team for this products information share on own networks ! ! I think it’s best place … Becoz those item used B2B Firm like Developer, Builder etc,