How to Promote Business Online in India



My business is hair transplant in India targeted country, How many effective ways to get more traffic.


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Hi @manisthajain

There are 7 Ways To Promote Your Business For Free :

  1. Use 3 big local listings services [Ex. Google Places]
  2. Embrace Social Media [Ex. Facebook]
  3. Start a blog [Ex. on]
  4. Put up multimedia & sharing it on platform like YouTube
  5. Optimize your website for rank on Search Engines [Ex. Google, Bing]
  6. Press Releases [Ex.]
  7. Join relevant online communities & contribute

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This is interesting Solution, I thankful you FFgroup


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Do Off Page Submission and create quality backlinks. Also create 60 secs animation video which explain about your business.

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I suggest you to start with each and evry aspect that promotes your business into the people.

  1. Start working on your site
  2. add the relevant keywords in it
  3. work on backlinks that can push your place in google rankings
  4. Don’t forget to promote offline, nowadays offline promotions are working and they are helping to get the best results
  5. Make sure that you analize which way works better for your business to promote offline and then wwork on that
  6. To increase the reach of your business make sure that you try each and every way that can increase your reach.


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