How to Promote Business Online in India



My business is hair transplant in India targeted country, How many effective ways to get more traffic.


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I just sent you email. regarding my requirements.


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This website has no any rank, traffic and no more status on google.


Hi @manisthajain

There are 7 Ways To Promote Your Business For Free :

  1. Use 3 big local listings services [Ex. Google Places]
  2. Embrace Social Media [Ex. Facebook]
  3. Start a blog [Ex. on]
  4. Put up multimedia & sharing it on platform like YouTube
  5. Optimize your website for rank on Search Engines [Ex. Google, Bing]
  6. Press Releases [Ex.]
  7. Join relevant online communities & contribute

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This is interesting Solution, I thankful you FFgroup


Yes I checked your mail, but not beneficial.