How to promote my Online Training Business?



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Promotion of the business depends on presenting your business in front of your customers. Make your customers know about your business. Use social platforms to increase your popularity which helps to generate more leads to your business. You can also go with some paid campaign.
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Hi there,
There are plenty of ways you can promote your online training business.
Of course, mostly you would be thinking about various online channels – like via social media, writing articles, press release, joining online discussion forums, or maybe even display ads on relevant websites. These are all very necessary tactics, and if you want to learn more on how they are done, you can check out our online marketing services.
Now, since your business is a learning/teaching platform and primarily your target audience is student (& tutor as well), you would also need to do some ground work, like going to school/colleges, telling them about your platform through posters, pamphlets, etc. (I am mentioning these ideas, since I have no idea about your business’s state, so maybe these ideas may seem a little old school to you.)
Anyway, if you need more advice on that, feel free to drop a reply.
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Generate lot of real time videos. Shoot live training videos where you & your co trainers will talk about respective topics. Create a channel in your training institute name. Upload all the videos & share it on all social media platforms. Do this & your brand gets globalized.


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I can help you. You can promote it in Social media. That’s help you a lot of. People who are interested in tradding also spend time in social media. So if you post it in various groups, you may find the result.
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HI Jyothsna

You need to first focus on

  1. Your content
  2. your Target Audience
  3. Budget u wish to utilise for Online marketing - Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing or just blogging

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Identify your target audience.
Remind them of your online presence.
Use Social Channel for promotion


Yeah reading to serve you my ideas.
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