How to raise fund/investment for my startup without equity/share?




We are a startup “ABSSTEM TECHNOLOGIES LLP”( and want to raise fund.
Any idea over raising fund without equity, but profit can be shared on product.
Our product/machine is for medical industry.

Mohit sharma


no investor comes into play without equity , everyone expects something in return.
either you can go for debt funding (on interest ) which is not recommended
you can go for convertible preferential’s which may be the right option if you do not have an exact valuation set for your company.



Thanks for your answer. It’s good to have your views and suggestion on this part. Would request you to please explain why one should not be going with debt funding.



Hi there Mohit,
if you are a startup , it would be best recommended to not have any debt funding, and the royalty / interest to have on the companies name is not preferable.
at the same time , if you are going to raise funds further more , investors wold not show much interest till your debt is paid off in full which will take a really long time and a good lot of business traction.
and even is an investor is coming on board , they would ask for high equity at this stage.
so better be careful on what funding you choose.


A penny drive is an easy fundraiser and wonderful way to involve all members of your organization. Everyone will feel like a valuable member of the team, and with very little investment, you will be able to raise some much needed funds.
Museums, sports teams, churches and schools have all used penny drives. They lend themselves especially well to churches and schools, or any organization where there are a lot of children.
Here’s how it works: Each participant is asked to collect pennies. It’s that simple, and there are several ways to do this. You will find a few ideas below.
You can purchase cards with holes that will hold a certain dollar amount worth of pennies. When participants fill a card, they turn in the full card and get a new one. Perhaps you can offer a small prize to the person who turns in the most cards. Tying a fundraiser to a contest is always a good idea, especially when kids are involved. It’s also a good idea to chart the progress of the biggest contributors in a very visible way. This fuels the competition among participants.
Place large containers in key locations at your church or school. Encourage people to fill the jars with their pennies. Make sure the jars are placed where the most people will pass them. By the doors is the most obvious choice. Another option is by the restrooms. Many people will end up dropping in all of their change, not just the pennies. This, obviously, will increase the amount of money collected. An unusual see-through container works best since it draws interest and people can see the progress.
Ask people to collect their pennies over a set period of time. Then ask participants to bring the pennies, rolled and ready to deposit, on a set date. If you opt for this method, you may want to offer a small prize to the person who brings the most pennies.
Penny drives are a good way to get even the youngest children involved in your organization’s fundraising efforts. People who may be reluctant to part with a few dollars will often be more than happy to donate their pennies. Groups who have held penny drives in the past will testify that those pennies add up quickly.
In addition to helping raise money, this event allows many people to volunteer their time. Once the penny drive is over, you will need several volunteers to help count and roll the pennies and other change that has been collected.
While you aren’t likely to raise money with this as quickly as the more-popular cookie dough fundraiser or a magazine fundraiser, a penny drive is a good way to supplement your other efforts. As you know, every little bit helps!