How to raise IMPACT FUNDING for my For Profit Social Enterprise?



Aims at

  1. Imparting digital skills to the MSME units across different clusters of India towards enhancing their export competitiveness. The initiative appreciates the strong need to empower the rural MSME units which completely disconnects them from the global world thus leaving them to the exploitative hands of the middleman.

  2. Directly enabling and engaging SMEs (entrepreneurs, exporters, weavers, artisans) to enter new & emerging market, dis-intermediate the value chain by creating a digital market-place (where buyers could directly interact with weavers) create linkages between different key stakeholders, and promote social entrepreneurship by engaging and enabling local youth.


Hi there,

Can you give details of your start up like name and website. Please also let me know the activities taken up by you till date from the date of commencement of work.

Or is it in idea stage still ? Depending on your profile, I can connect you with right kind of investors or associates to take your business forward.

Wishing you all the very best,

Shiva Kumar
Founder & CEO
Invinsmart Consulting