How To Register name of your services


Hi all,
I would like to offer art classes under a banner. Lets say “learning stone”.
Is there a possibility of registering this name.
I dont want anyone to copy it and would like to have “learning stone” represent me, however this is not a company.
How can i register this in Bangalore or all India.
Thank you.


Not sure if you have google’d the name “learning stone”, there is a website already out there with the same name.

Registering your business with the same name is possible I guess, but you cannot trademark the name if they have already done that.

I would suggest to to think of a different name because starting a business with the same name will not be that helpful for you when it comes to searching for your business online.


You want to register the domain name or company name? In both the cases, you need to check if the name you want is trademarked or not? If its trademarked you cant register it in any cases.

No, we can’t register the same business name if its trademarked.


Name can be trademarked to avoid getting copied.


Learning stone was just an example.
Lets asuume ’ xyz learning’ this time round and proceed with trade marking it.
Wondering if trademarking would be enough to retain that name and stop others from copying it.
Should i get in touch with a lawyer to do this for me. I m currently living in Bangalore and language barrier leads me to believe it would be a good idea to hire someone to deal with this.
Thank you.