How to turn startup failure into success


How to turn startup failure into success:



A true entrepreneur is a doer not a dreamer by Nalan Bushnell.
I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work by Thomas Edison.
If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs by Tony Gaskins.
The biggest risk in life not to take risk.
Impossible mean you haven’t find the solution.
Failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.
Great inspiring quotes, you will be recharged and have great energy after reading these kind of quotations, but remember every quote is someone else’s experience, it is just theory for you. If you wanted to be an inspiration for someone else , just do it. To my knowledge there is no failure it is just a learning. For instance, How long it takes to complete your graduation? later post graduation? I believe it is around 18 years. To know about business it should take atleast 20% of academic time as it is practicality, otherwise it will take more than 18 years. Do you agree with me?

I would like to give an example:

John was requested by his manager to do a quick analysis about a product, he did it with in just 6 hours as he has good knowledge and experience. Subsequently, he put it in a spread sheet and sent it across. Next day John asked the feedback, his manager said it was good but it is just a spreadsheet work right? John thought yes, it was just a spreadsheet work. Here is a big catch, spreadsheet is just a tool which was used to put his great analysis, knowledge, experience and time. John should have highlighted that, but why did he kept quite. Since he didn’t realize the strength of his learning and experience. Majority of the entrepreneurs says my venture has failed, spent a lot of money from my pocket, I got nothing out of it. I would say it is wrong, come on…realize, you got many things with you. I attempted to bring out 7 things to continue the battle.

You have a registered Company:

You have a registered Company

I believe you could have registered a company, prepared documentation, started filing returns, setup a company account, learned process and compliance, faced audit, only thing is just to change the nature of business. Why can’t you do that?

Customer & Relationship:

Think about it carefully, you could have met many people in the journey of the first milestone, formed a good network, built a set of customers, had very good relationships with nice people in the journey, met like minded people, established business partnership, met many business people. Why can’t you pick a co-founder from your network? why can’t you think about a venture which a customer need? Why can’t you utilize the beautiful network formed? think about it, anything is possible :).

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These are very useful tips! You know, when I started up my small business, the professional advisors from helped me avoid many fatal startup mistakes. In my opinion, any successful busines starts with a solid business advice:)