How to validate this idea and future scope?


We believe that creations & innovation plays an important

role in empowering India for future Generation. The I3 Hub (theme name) was place

where we provide support for the startups with the well trained

environment influencing the technology development. We’ll interact with

students to support and create platform for their ideas which worth their

dream. We also provide an infrastructural environment for work,

research, implantation of ideas. We support innovative Short-skills for

implementation and get them in the right path. This community includes

induvial developers, designers, creatives, researchers, Scientists,

engineers, technologists as well as non tech people looking for startups.

Key Features:

  1. Student Idea implement into reality
  2. Student tech interactive forum and community
  3. Students ideas showcase
  4. Training’s, workshops, conference
  5. Story board for startup companies and their product promotions
  6. Web Channel and Blogging
  7. E publications about tech startups and trends
  8. Career jobs, Internships in startup companies
  9. Connecting with engineering colleges and Started with good theme and new initiatives.

Please let me know about this. is this good theme to start a new startup.?

Can we generate the revenue on this theme.?

We want to change the student thoughts to get a job and aware about technology and trends.

Thanks in advance.


The theme sounds obviously very noble and ‘trendy’, but the question is if it is practical.

Well thats what successive governments of the past and their education policy, and the thousands of educational institutions offering professional courses have been trying to do,and even at my startup i have been conceptualizing something on these lines called Campus Connect

Looking at students (and their aspirations to become doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs) as a market is not a new idea. Like every market it has its pros and cons. There are successful startups in this field which are all well funded.
As a start i can recommend you create a social platform for students to interact.


Thanks for your valuable review. Thanks a lot. I would like to make a connection between student to student and student to experts or professionals , student to startup connect, student to entrepreneurs. I want to make a perfect platform to guide the students and they want any queries answered by this whole platform and also showcasing and creating events on their startup ideas bringing them into reality by creating virtually. even it is possible fun connectivity. like chat box, quiz and etc. based on their performance here is employment opportunity from startup vacancies and internships.


Yes i think the primary motivation is not to make money from the app , but rather to get students and colleges interested.
If you have at least one college in mind which will consider investing in this idea, or at least showing genuine interest in such a social platform, i would say you are in a good position to start developing such a platform.
I have tried reaching out to a few private entities but so far none have expressed any direct interest, possibly because they are not seeing any commercial benefit from supporting such an idea.
It is the entrepreneur’s job to convince people how this social platform will translate into something commercially viable or sustainable for the college or institution.
Its easy to hire a bunch of programmers and designers once you have the money to build such a product and then start marketing it to people, but the million dollar question is how will you measure the benefit being passed on to the colleges or students .
Students are already under heavy pressure to get top marks and have very little time for dedicating for extra-curricular activities and such in our country, so to convince colleges or private enterprise to fund your startup idea is not going to be easy.
It is easy to say advertising will pay for the platform, and in doing that we are saying we will build another FACEBOOK for college students. I dont think that approach is practical ,and thats why the FIRST and the most IMPORTANT thing is to get at least one college to see the benefit in sponsoring or partnering in the development of such a social networking application.
As a tip on the technology , i can even tell you the source code for such a social media app is already freely available on the internet , and so i reiterate, at this point, technology is not really the big deal you should be worried about as much as getting a college or a select group of students genuinely interested . Something i am also trying and have posted on social media platforms like LInkedin for students interested in developing my app.


Wooow, Your reviews sounds good. I am really passion about to start and I was already explained my concept to 2 colleges I received good reviews and colleges are ready to be start up with us. Thats why I took this project to move on.


good luck ! happy to help other entrepreneurs who are interested in doing something for the country .


Thank you so much dear. I will keep update my journey here


These are great ideas, I recommend to give it a shot. Our Indian education market don’t produce quality professionals, but their only motive is good grades. This mentality has given way untrained proffesionals & a shrnking job market, where students are jobless. Due to this, The students are becoming entrepreneurs, some are successful, but the rest are not especially due to inadequate funding. I feel the network you will be working on, should help one another bridge this gap. Also,to hook up MNC’s, who can help & fund a good idea given by the students, to setup their own company, to expand the job market, & encourage future entrepreneuship.


thanks for the great feedback and reviewed. Thanks you so much. I will be working on this. We are planning to make it happen. its our dream to change the way of thinking of students.