How to write a business partnership proposal for a tieup in software



I recently met the marketing head of a business which (whom) I would like to tie up with and offer my product and technology to them so that they can integrate in their product (website) by white-labeling it. They told me to send a business proposal (PPT) but I have no idea how it should look like. This is my first partnership attempt with other businesses.

I googled a lot but only things I found are in essence ‘How to pitch to an investor’ instead of for a tie up. Could anyone help me in this regard? Thanks in advance.

PS: If my question is too vague, please guide me what details I need to add to make it precise… I am new to this. I am afraid I couldn’t even tag this question correctly.


Can you elaborate a bit on what is your product and technology that you wish to offer for integration with their product website ?
Are you referring to some ecommerce package that you have developed / customized ?

Please provide any links by DM (direct message) if it is of a confidential nature.



Our product is a website - Engrip - a platform to capture online learning, consolidate and build a living resume from everyday learning. We have browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera to capture online learning done in browsers. For example, if I run into an issue at work, say, I want to center an element in a <div> tag on a page, I google it, go to relevant sites like CSS-Tricks, learn how to solve that issue and use it in my work. I might learn from stackoverflow, w3schols, tutorials point, coursera, udemy, etc. Engrip will capture all these through browser extensions (users have to do it manually by clicking the ‘Save’ button in the extension popup menu to capture.)

What I mean by ‘offer my …’ was that we would provide small javascript to the other business so that whenever someone visit their web page, this javascript will prompt the user to install the browser extension if it’s not there, sets up an user account if not there and captures the learning, Bases on user’s configured preferences (topics and websites), extension will notify user to capture when he/she is learning online.


Personally i know of Venture Bean , a business consulting startup in Bangalore.
My understanding is that you have to convince a business consultant about the market value of your idea, and then they can assist you in creating a Business Proposal document around it.

Creating a Business Proposal from scratch by a tech founder in a startup is not a great idea, but i gotta be honest, considering the urgency and financial costs, if i were in your position i might even do it myself using one of the PandaDoc Templates but then your service is a bit more niche, and this is the closest analytics template i could find for you, though what you need is some metrics around data aggregation, i am not sure if such a template exists in which case you need to create one for a product around Data Aggregation.


Thankyou, I will try to use one from Pandadoc this time and hope for the best.