How we helped in rising sales of clients



we at lead2days mine/generate and invite leads for all the categories of business from Global Portals , we have a unique system which satisfies the buyer as well as seller
we are moving with theme “buy and Save” “Sell and Earn”

As per global market research analysis the client satisfaction lies between 60-70% in terms of product and 50-60% in terms of services, and a huge gap between the technology reach between client and seller

We introduce seller to buyer,
we introduce new technology to the stream in line
we form a channel between requirement and service
we enable the portal for meeting of buyer and seller
we help in demand forecasting and diversification factors.

1500 Leads to deals
80% conversion ration
100% introductory
A genuine Business Interaction Through Lead2days all in span of 6 months

we are growing faster with reduced overheads and increased value added activities