How you market your small business



How you market your small business? What promotion methods you use? What marketing techniques are most effective for small businesses?



  1. Guest post on different blog.

  2. Email marketing.

  3. SMS marketing.

  4. Outdoor Advertising.

  5. Online Advertising.

  6. Make Giveaway.

  7. & much more.

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Bulk SMS Services are the most important tool Marketing Tool. Bulk SMS Services are available 24X7 i.e. any SMS can be sent at any time of the day. Nowadays message timings are of great significance. Investing in bulk SMS marketing gives this crucial advantage of delivery time flexibility. Also the fact that SMS can be sent within seconds is a benefit that cannot go unnoticed.


Local marketing is an effective way to improve the small business. We can also involve in digital marketing methods so that we can be more visible to the outside world.


Many More Importent area at Local Business Listing Like Google, Bing etc… Like:


Promotion of any small business is more of a nightmare. People do not know you right now. No matter how big you shout or how better your product/service is compared to your competitor, you tend to receive less attention. This is mainly due to lack of trust factor people have upon you.

The success of promoting your small business only lies with the customer conversion rate.
Online presence is the first step towards setting up of any business no matter what it’s size is.
This is where Zivro comes into the picture to give you lots of benefits
Creating dynamic websites using Zivro ensures that

  1. People get to know who you are, what you do, where you are and what makes you unique. All this is possible only with your online presence. When they get to know about you, trust is obviously increased.

  2. It becomes easy for your customers to buy from you. After All, this is the essence of being online.

  3. You become the authority of your site. You can easily update it yourself from the admin dashboard provided.

  4. Ensures quicker loading time which avoids sending the impatient customers back.

  5. People are using social media to find a reliable brand. Using ZIVRO you can instantly integrate with your social media profiles to showcase your new products, services, and offers. This becomes an excellent advertising channel to your new small business.

  6. “Lead generation” has become simpler using the effective contact form. Whenever there’s a person who wants to buy your products/ service you get a notification on your phone/EMAIL.

  7. You can create urgency in the minds of a customer by offering them discounts, coupon codes, running an exciting sale whenever you get an opportunity instantly.

  8. You can showcase your other customer’s testimony to gain the trust of other too.

  9. You get your Mobile website for free of cost too. This lets you get leads from mobile as well.
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HI Kumarkia

You can promote ur business through ur network . word of mouth promotions and also through social media

You can also have a budget to do social marketing.

You may have unique idea
Great content
your Target Audience
Budget u wish to utilise for Online marketing - Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing or just blogging
We can help u devise best strategy for u within budget and guaranteed leads.


It’s difficult respond as you have asked very general questuon.

Case 1 : small business with a retail shop - idea is to increase footfall. other than normal market hours, keep your shop open for few more hours. This way your ship will more attention and visibility; may lead to increased footfall.

Case 2 : Small Office - Home Office, on case yiu best-selling consumer products, fashion apparel and similar product then simply keep.adding your contact list and pong product / item pics on what’s app with price list.

With clarity on type of services, owners profile and monthly sales figure - I can suggest more ways to market small / local business.

Quite disappointed to see, without knkwing the type of small business, type of customer’s they deal with -
People are only interested in promoting their services.


As of now, digital marketing is effective as with which we can reach out the customers directly and we can also track back the result.


Actually every product required different marketing techniques , you can’t use same techniques for all products , therefore let us know product/service names, so that we can provide you some good techniques.


Here are right steps to know before starting a business.


How can we do offline marketing for clients any core work that we can do for startup company in terms of marketing.


The best way to market your small business is online advertising.Besides it, you can do local advertisement i.e offline marketing, distributing pamphlets through newspapers or distributors. you can also do it by giving your advertisement in can also advertise on social networking sms or mail services will also provide you ease of market your business.