Hypegram - news curation & story detection





Hypegram is a news curation platform that ranks articles based on publisher coverage. it provides article clustering for strangely accurate story and event detection.

That basically means it provides a new way of detecting breaking and top news which is faster and much more accurate than what is used in the market.

it’s not exactly a news company, but an AI and Machine learning B2C concept with a few ideas in the works. my main focus is Natural language processing at the moment due to some fresh ideas into the field.

I’m still one person at the moment but i’m looking for capable partners to cover non-technical areas, and for seed money to help startup this company.

I’m also looking for beta testers, it is public although not really advertised, and i’m looking to get some feedback on how to make this specific product viable.


Hi can you share more about your startup!


You can check it on Hypegram.com


I checked out Hypegram and it’s pretty cool the way it uses topic detection & clustering on news. I am working on a similar news app which uses NLP, topic detection and mining to do all the hard work of tailoring news and present it on a very simple, uncluttered UI.

I am interested in talking further with you on this. I am CS guy myself but want to focus on non technical aspects a little more to take this forward while having a strong technical counterpart along.

Also, bootstrapping. Let me know.