I am looking for Web Development Projects



I am looking for Web development Projects Leads in any technology like Php, Java, .net, etc.


Are you from mumbai?? I want web developer for my startup as co- founder, if you are intrested than PM me.


Hello @makanipritesh,

I have been interacting with a few non-technical entrepreneur’s , some of them in Mumbai , Pune and others in Bangalore where i live. The general understanding that these friends of mine have is that creating an application from concept to product is about coming up with an idea, and start iterating on the actual product (web app / mobile app) till it looks / behaves fine, and then approach some investors to give it a shot.

The whole process of creating an app is quite larger than that and having a Technical Co-Founder on board will simply not do justice to your startup ambitions. IN short there is no alternative for hardwork and experience , and a serious amount of research prior to actual development.

Here’s one model i am currently following for a product design, before i consider any serious development. (Of course this does not consider any POC work i dabble with at any stage of the development lifecycle).

  1. Market Research & Competitor Product Evaluations
  2. Logo Design & Branding
  3. Product Architecture
  4. Back End Requirements & Design
  5. Front End Requirements & Design
  6. Front End Prototypes (Web, Mobile)
  7. Web / Mobile Development
  8. Beta Testing
  9. UAT / Feedback

As you can see Web/ Mobile Development is only the final step in the process of creating a full fledged product / service.
The first thing you would need to communicate to get an ideal co-founder is what is the industry you are targetting , and what kind of exposure and connections in the industry you bring to the table.

You can hire the services of consultants in marketing, management consulting and tech services to do most of the tasks from 1 to 6, followed by a initial round of meetup with investors (which can even be your family, influential connections and friends actually , not just serious investors)

Please let us know more about your background and interests.

All the best.

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PM me your requirement.