I am new here



Hi All, I joined the forum today. I am from US moved to India. I am also starting a company here in India. I have lot experience in US startups. You can check my tweets at @ThinkingHawk.


Welcome to the Startups Forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here. :blush:


Welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you. BTW how to delete a post if you decide to remove it after a day or two.


Hey @ThinkingHawk ,

Welcome to India. Hope things are settling down on your personal front with the move. I took the same step of moving back to India from US after spending the last 10+ years working in multiple startups leading the product organizations mid this year. It has been mixed feelings so far but going to stick to the plan. Feel free to DM @productrambler in twitter. Would love to catch up and know more about your plans.




Welcome to India and welcome to the group. I was in the US for close to 5.5 years before I moved to India, but this was way back in 2003. Some the processes take longer than in the US, but by and large I am happy with the business environment here.

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Hi Kumar and Sony,

Thanks for your replies. I have started companies in US and wondering what will be different in India.



Welcome to the Startups Forum. I hope you are enjoying here.