I am planning to start online photoshop



I am planning to start online photoshop…i need your suggestions


Hi Yungandar,

Here are few question to answer that would help design a Business plan

  1. Whom (Consumers or businesses) you wish to serve?
  2. Why (solve problem or bank on an opportunity) you want to serve?
  3. What (sell images, photography as a service or something else) you want to serve?
  4. How (Studio or customer location or open air locations or online) you want to serve?

Let me know if you need help with market research, design your services/offerings, design business model, design content to promote your business or any advisory consulting as first time entrepreneur.

Reach out to me in case you have any queries.

Ravi P. S.


i tried reach out to you but you didnt pickup the call


Pleasure talking to you Yugandar! Let me know if you need any further assistance. Please feel free to drop into my office in JP Nagar. Happy to add value to your plans.