I have an idea to create social networking platform for professionals


Hi all,I have an idea to start a social networking platform for professionals,either working or looking for work to create their profile and post the work they can offer,engineers,college grads,cooks,home makers anyone who wants to offer their service can post their work in the site
Looking for people who are really interested in the idea to contact me
Krishna Chaitanya


I can help you in modelling, planning and fund raising. Connect, if interested.

Kind Regards,
Yogesh Thite,
Startup Mentor & Consultant,


Hi Sir, We are preparing a document with the concept we have thought of. Will.send you the same by tommorow 2nd half to the mail id provided.

G Krishna Chaitanya


@Krishya84 Sure, I will await for the details.


Hey Krishna,
I have a similar idea i am starting work on for social networking.
I am primarily looking at connecting founders to co-founders, as it is a pain point i am facing and many young startups too are facing.
If interested , do let me know we can work together.


@Krishya84 that’s a wonderful idea that you have. All the best!

Vijit Pitliya
V Pitliya & Co
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Hey Ron,
Nice to hear about your idea,our concept is to eradicate the recruitment agencies high fees and make a more transparent platform for everyone.


A very novel thought.
I understand that recruitment agencies are a part of the core services business offering that Indian companies offer, and their revenue model is to charge the clients per actual hire.
The employees in most cases do not have to pay anything to the recruitment agencies.
A social networking platform looking to address this problem would fall short of this goal of removing the middle man , and it will be best to brand yourself as a recruitment firm.
What ideally would be required is access to the HR database of companies that are willing to enter into agreement with your recruitment company . Either that or you need to have HR managers of companies on your board of directors who can guide you on their recruitment needs.
As far as the technology that can help you , there are several AI and Big Data tools available on the market, which can do real time predictive analysis on the HR databases, and present you with a current picture of where demand for skills and experience is likely to arise in the short and long term.
Of course for the immediate term, there is no shortcut to headhunting and cold calling or following the same revenue model as all other recruitment agencies.

Collating profiles on a platform is a good idea but i think its always easier and practical to identify a niche area of industry that you are willing to target.
In my case i am targeting entrepreneur’s and my social networking site to find co-founders, is looking to connect entrepreneur’s who have similar goals / personality with each other.
Finding a co-founder is surprising very difficult in India, even though we have a plethora of entrepreneurial aspirants in the country.
This is because while many have graduated from entrepreneurship related courses , there are false expectations in entrepreneur’s minds about how exactly the Indian startup ecosystem functions, and what are the kind of problems that need to be solved .
Most of the entrepreneur’s are looking to make money in the services business, and it is almost impossible to find engaging partnerships here, because the services market is very saturated, there are hardly any margins while servicing the indian services market, and when it comes to attracting the attention of foreign clients, there is heavy competition from the established players.
All in all, what aspiring Indian entrepreneur’s need urgently is a forum , which serves both as a think tank on emerging ideas and trends, and incentives to start tackling India’s real problems in the fields of manufacturing, agriculture, it & enabled services, social welfare etc.

If you would like to contribute in any way , do let me know.
As of now i am working on the data modelling for the social network.


Thanks a lot Ron for your inputs and thoughts,i will definitely discuss your idea with my team and try to help you out in the best possible way.



I am the founder of pixalive.me social network app. Pixalive will be next super unicorn company in india and going to compete with existing social network app instagram and snapchat. I am looking either seed fund or co founder. Could u please help me?
Please reach me…

rajasekarâ– pixalive.me


Rajasekar S

Founder & CEO, Pixalive


Hey Sekar thanks for the message.
I will go through your website and let you know
G Krishna


I have tie up with india’s best mobile app design company Pepper Square…Pixalive.me is under devlopement…call me to this number…

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