I have been offered a free Mobile Application. Should I opt for it?



I know this may sound strange. But let’s assume that someone is offering me free mobile application for my online store.So what do you think. Should I opt it?


Actually I have been looking to start my own online business. I wanted to start using some portal. I made my store with them and they took nothing from me.
Now they are offering me free mobile application as well. It’s company same as like Shopify but they are new and saying that we want to revolutionize e-commerce industry, So I am not sure if I should get or not. Even if I get, I won’t have to pay anything. What do you suggest?


Hey Salmon
Do check with them about data privacy. If they are giving it for free then they could be using all data points collected from your business transactions on the app for re-selling the data to third party.

It’s either the above mentioned reason or maybe they are giving it for free to some early adopters to gain traction. Basic features are free for all and as you move on they would charge some premium for additional features. It’s best to ask them for all details before using the app.
All the best for your venture!


Hi Rishabh

Thanks for your suggestion and time for getting into my post. I just checked with their team as per your guidance and they said that we are offering it for free and will not pul any information at any stage.
Secondly, they said that we are free to all and this is not just for early birds. Rather, it’s for the whole life and for the everyone.


Nothing comes free
be careful

"Quality has its price "


Nothing is Free…
E-Commerce sites have minimum expenses

  1. Hosting ( as per the data storing in your online store )
  2. Payment gateway
  3. SMS interaction cost

There is a minimum cost to any service provider is Rs.15K per year, i dont think they will spend for nothing.
Cross check


When you dont pay anything , usually you end up as the product, meaning someone could be using you.
Take Youtube for example, it costs nothing to upload a video or to view a video , but inadvertently it creates a self contained system where lots of viewers (like you) who view their digital content (as mentioned in T&C they now own your content ) means lots of ad revenue for Youtube and its parent company.
Same applies for Search Results in Google, where the service (search) is free, but the fact that you click on links on the results page means dolllar revenue for the parent company.
To the average individual this is the way the world works, nothing unethical about that, but what such an ubiquitous (i.e widely used) global practice and shopification of the knowledge ecosystem known as the internet means is that ultimately human beings are reduced to a commodity, and some (those with access to digital infrastructure, services and financial clout) have more value (hence more useful and likely to be commoditized ) than those who are not so dependent on the internet (as an example, the poorer sections of society , the agrarian folks, certain sections of the industrial sector etc)

Bottomline - Nobody does anything free for anyone, there’s always a commercial logic behind it, so pay attention , you might actually be part of a target audience and you might be like a pilot implementation (most of us in it services adopt this approach to learn the ropes , again in my opinion its an ethical practice as long as you are aware of what the Terms and conditions of engagement are)

If you need an app-review do DM.



Its a company and they aren’t charging anything from me and sorry for getting back late to you guys but I am please to let you guys know that I got my online store with them and as promised, they offered me mobile application for my online store too.
Whatever changes I make on my site that takes place on my app too.
The best part is, I got whole stuff without having any investments.


Be careful. First, you need to find out whats the catch in giving you the free application. Is it a company or some individual? What exactly they offered you? Post some more info.