I have buy new domain named CRICKETJOKE.COM ... want to start blogging?



Hello all
i am looking for person to contribute on my new blog business, i will share equity


You can increase webtraffic to your website by using Google Adsense,though personally i feel the domain name selected is not ideal for an advertisement-based revenue model, which is generally the way blog sites earn money.
A domain name should be generic enough to appeal to the larger audience of cricket aficionados out there , in India and the world.
Of course, jokes and cartoon features (assuming you will at some stage draft in a good editor and a cartoonist) can be a main feature of your cricket blog.
Assuming you want to start of doing this as a side business, i feel you can take your time to come up with a good business model for a cricket blog/website, coz there are plenty of competitors(almost every media house has a cricket blog on their website) out there.


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Hey Guys,

I have a domain named Inspiremania.com if interested to take over please do let me know as this was developed for one of my client but he has not turned yet!!