I need help validating a business idea



Hi my name is Dennis. Would you use a web app that enables you to quickly identify and filter tabular data (tables with data) from volumes of pages in a MS Word file and then allow you to visualize the data? How much would you be willing to pay to use the service for a 50 page word document? What price would you regard as too expensive? Thanks!


i think you will get a better response from the general public if you are able to pictorially represent what you are trying to create i.e by putting some effort to create a better example of your startup idea ?
Or are your doing this research as part of a homework assignment ? :wink:


Supposed you were tasked with extracting quantitative data from 50 tables in a 150-page word document. Would you be willing to pay a fee for a service that quickly enables you identify and filter all the tables with just four clicks of a button and then quickly allow you visualize the data? How much would you be willing to pay for the service? What price would you regard as too expensive?

How does that sound? And no it is not part of a research or homework assignment.


Ive seen a good share of Data Migration projects and extracting data from spreadsheets is a common exercise that is performed in IT projects, particularly transformational projects.
Creating a piece of software to extract data from spreadsheets, is a tool, and does not speak of any behavioural intelligence. You would have to first find a specific individual who is finding it a mess juggling all this data in a spreadsheet (like an accounting firm , auditors etc) and request them to provide with you some data with which you can create a client-specific implementation, what you might call a POC. It wont have much use and will only help you get started and showcase the value addition to other firms . Armed with this POC, it is still a long shot and you can probably create a data extraction framework, but then again you will find the different extraction environments are a pain and so a framework for your data extraction tool can be quite a tedious and counter-productive undertaking.
However your best bet would still be to discuss with an accounting firm or any such firm and see if they are facing this issue.

However…:thinking: real Quantitative Data based solutions which track Key Figures and Data Metrics which are crucial indicators for Business, might be what attracts the attention of investors and entrepreneurs in the field of Business Analytics and Data WareHousing (SAP HANA,Oracle Bi, Infosys MANA, Informatica) which in the cloud era has increasingly come to be better associated with Big Data technology and in memory computing.
For example did you know that on a daily basis in our country there are 1000s and 1000s of cheques that pass through the banking system, and each of these digital instruments is tracked by the Reserve Bank of India, meaning they maintain a huge volume of transactional data. Such huge data sets are unmanageable without automation and integration to existing analytics platforms , and difficult to analyse without modern day Big Data Analytics .
The prerequisite for entering Big Data Technology & Consulting streams is a high degree of proficiency in one or more industry verticasl (Banking, Insurance, AgriBusiness, HighTech,Financial Services, FMCG Sales/Marketing to name a few) , exposure to national and international audience/markets, along with proven technical competency in OLAP , OLTP and in-memory computing.